The TRAC simply requires a smartphone, works with ALL cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Provides a GPS location point on all test, with enhanced identity confirmation. Facial recognition and liveness provided, real-time violations. The TRAC has flexible testing random, scheduled or on-demand testing available.

Smart Start Monitoring

EMI works with Smart Start to ensure our alcohol monitoring devices are accurate and effective. Our home monitoring devices are intended for the monitoring of medium risk to high risk clients. The in-home unit provides EMI with "real-time" testing. Make this the last sentence for that product.


One-piece GPS device with patented 2-way voice technology

ReliAlert™XC3 sets the standard for reliability and performance in the offender monitoring industry. Advanced features enable agencies to communicate directly with offenders via on-board two/three-way voice communication technology, all in real-time.


Highly Cut Resistant Strap

SecureCuff™ is an optional, patented, hardened steel encased security cuff for high-risk offenders.


The technologies packed into the Tracker1 combine to provide reliable tracking capabilities interfacing with the software.

The benefits of the Tracker1 include two-way communication, multiple tracking technologies, pursuit mode, onboard processing, 30 days' worth of onboard storage, nonvolatile memory, and the widest array of interference detection in the industry.

Future system updates and new features will be released and installed wirelessly with no need for hardware upgrades

Multiple Supervision Levels - switches easily between active, hybrid, passive, and RF mode

RF 3000

We are pleased to offer Attenti's Home Curfew RF Monitoring System 3000 with handset communication. The system utilizes advanced monitoring technology as an effective curfew compliance tool. Offenders are fitted with the Bracelet and assigned a Home Curfew Base Unit (Base Unit 3000) for the residence, managed through the web-based software

The handset simplifies two-way communication between participants and agency staff. The Base Unit is capable of making outgoing calls to officers or the monitoring center and allows incoming calls from authorized users.